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                  簡體中文 | 繁體中文 | English | 日本語

                  MTS provides complete technical translation and interpreting services by experienced, qualified experts with at least five years of demonstrated excellence in compliance-intensive industries. Its strong full-time translator force and huge free-lance network as well as its close tie with science & technical information departments in all industries in China ensures right translators with specific skill and industrial background for any job and rapid turnaround of thousands of pages in all major languages on the most highly specialized subjects.

                  [ Science & Technology ]

                  ?Agriculture Automobile? Aerospace?
                  ?Apparel & Fashion Chemical Engineering Computer & Software?
                  ?Construction Civil Engineering Electronics & Electrical?
                  ?Energy?? Environment Food & Beverage?
                  ?Gifts & Crafts? Health & Beauty Home Supplies?
                  ?Information Technology Industrial Supplies Metallurgy?
                  ?Mathematics Medicine Materials?
                  ?Network Engineering Office Supplies Power?
                  ?Petroleum Packaging & Paper Printing & Publishing?
                  ?Railway Real Estate Storage & Warehousing?
                  ?Telecommunications? Textile Transportation?

                  [ Business & Laws ]

                  ?E-commerce Finance Offerings and IPOs Securities
                  ?Futures Insurance Immigration Documents Lease?
                  ?Investment Taxation Tender Documents Laws
                  ?Regulations Patent Technical Standards? Websites
                  ?Prospectuses Brochures Advertisements Bids

                  [ Others ]

                  ?Research Paper ?Culture Exchange? ?Sports ?News Reports
                  ?Correspondence ?Curriculum Vitae ?Certificates? ?Video Subtitling



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                  Tel: +86-592-5185976 5185977 5185112   Fax: +86-592-5185755
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