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                  簡體中文 | 繁體中文 | English | 日本語

                  MTS provides professional services of translation, interpretation, web localization, print production, and video production for over 30 languages and has experience serving clients from all over the world .

                  ◆ Translation

                  MTS provides translations for over 30 languages and has experience with a full spectrum of subjects including:

                  1. Business & Finance
                    Advertisements, bids, brochures, catalogs, correspondence, letters of intent & introduction, marketing materials, price lists, public relation materials and articles, contracts and patents, reports, annual reports, trade show materials, press releases, video press releases, financial statements, securities and equities information, research, market analysis, prospectuses, offerings and IPOs, investor information and financial documentation, surety bonds, reinsurance, risk management, property loss and employee benefits etc.
                  2. Technical Documents
                    Installation instructions, medical reports, manuals, parts lists, presentation, product specifications, sales etc.
                  3. Legal Documents
                    By-laws, contracts, copyrights, insurance policies and procedures, patents, prospectuses, regulations, standards, transcripts etc.

                  ◆ Interpretation

                  MTS provides both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services. MTS has experience of interpretation and translation in all facets of business, including: multi-national conferences, business meetings, exhibition, radio & television, voice-overs, court proceedings, technical seminars. MTS is committed to providing the highest quality of personal attention to all our clients' needs.

                  ◆ Website Localization

                  MTS provides comprehensive web localization services. Together with our partners in Internet business, we can provide full range of client services, including project planning, HTML scripting, graphic design and layout, frames, forms, JavaScript, CGI in most languages.

                  ◆ Print Production

                  MTS has experts of DTP, design and layout in several languages of the world. Machine assisted translation insures flawless export and import into any desktop publishing program. All platforms and DTP software are supported, including PageMaker up to 6.5, Adobe Illustrator up to 8.0, Adobe Photoshop up to 6.0, Macromedia Freehand up to 8.0, FrameMaker up to 3.0, Office 2000, HTML/SGML and equivalent Mac versions in both Chinese and English languages, and more, compatible with your internal system or network.

                  ◆ Video Production

                  MTS provides subtitling in all languages for video and film, recording and engineering, transcription and/or translation of scripts and audio in English and Chinese. All formats, platforms and software are supported.

                  MTS guarantees complete confidentiality and considers all material to be confidential unless otherwise stated.

                  Address: Unit J-I, 15 Fl., Huangda Building, No. 28 Houdaixi Road, Xiamen 361004, P. R. China.
                  Tel: +86-592-5185976 5185977 5185112   Fax: +86-592-5185755
                  © 2000-2011 Xiamen Master Translation and Technology Services Co.,Ltd.
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