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                  簡體中文 | 繁體中文 | English | 日本語

                  With its in-house multilingual translators and huge network of part-time translators throughout the world, MTS can provide its clients fast, accurate, affordable translation service in the following world languages.

                  ?English Japanese Chinese German
                  ?French Finnish Danish Greek
                  ?Hebrew Hungarian Italian Indonesian
                  ?Czech Korean Arabic Dutch
                  ?Malay Mongol Norwegian Polish?
                  ?Portuguese Bulgarian Romanian Swedish
                  ?Spanish Russian? Slovak Tibetan?
                  ?Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese
                  ?Serbian Persian ? ?

                  Please note that we categorize Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French and? Russian as the most??commonly used languages, and translation from and into these languages is?charged 10 to 30% lower?than the other languages.










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