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                  簡體中文 | 繁體中文 | English | 日本語

                  ◆ Translation Managers

                  Major duties and responsibilities: reporting to GM, this position is responsible for overall translation project management, including testing and selecting translators, managing day-to-day operation under deadline pressure and implementing rigorous quality assurance program.

                  Position Requirements: Minimum 3 years proven experience in English to Chinese translation. Excellent business management, organization and communication skills. Must have ability to provide leadership and solve problems for medium to large translation projects. Prior editing/proofreading experience preferred. Business background/degree and overseas experience a big plus. Strong word processing and computer skills. Familiarity with Internet.

                  ◆ Full-time translators

                  Position Requirements: Minimum 3 years proven experience in English to Chinese translation. Strong proof-reading and editing skills. Must be able to contribute in a fast-paced deadline-oriented environment. Overseas experience a plus. Familiarity with Internet.

                  To apply for the above positions, please send cover letter, resume ( in both Chinese and English), translation samples with originals ( a must ),and salary expectation to us. Potential candidates are required to take a translation test.

                  ◆ Free-lance translators

                  Position Requirements: If you are a free-lance translator with at least three years of professional experience or formal translator training, please fill out the Application Form online for evaluation, and we will include you in our Translator's Database.

                  All information you provide will be treated confidentially and will not be communicated to third parties outside MTS.






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